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Telescopic Flagpole

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  • Flagpole and printed flag
  • Flagpoles and printed flags
  • Extra weight for the flag
  • Rotating flagpole head
  • Telescopic Flagpole


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Mobile telescopic flagpole with advertisement flag. The height of the mast is adjustable from 1.9 to 5.8 m

The flagpole is easy to fold and easy to transport (the telescopic links are inside each other in the transport position).

Rotating head at the top of the mast ensures the mobility of the flag. A horizontal bar attached to the head and a weight bag at the bottom help to maintain a shape. The flag is easy to change.

PS! The price of the printed flag fabric depends on the size of the desired flag.
The width of the flag is 1.2 m. For a custom height ask for a quote!

Set includes a flagpole and a carrying case.
PS! The flag bas is not included in the set but can be purchased separately.

The inside diameter of the flagpole is 50 mm.

Banner material: ,

Construction material: aluminium, plastic

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Advertising flag pole

SizeDimensions Price Availability
L1,9 – 4,3 m235 €In stock
XL1,95 – 5,8 m255 €In stock

The price of a printed flag depends on the size. Printed flag fabric 11 € / m2, airmesh 13 € / m2. The width of the flag is 1.2 m. For a suitable height flag, ask for a price.

Flagpole for advertisement flags

Size Height
when packed
Weight (kg)
L 1,9 – 4,3 1,9 2,9
XL 1,95 – 5,8 2,1 4,3

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