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Truss Tower X10

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  • Advertising tower made of X10 truss modules
  • Advertising tower made of X10 truss
  • Advertising tower at the airport - x10 truss
  • Truss advertising tower at the airport
  • Advertising tower made of truss
  • Tower made of X10 truss modules
  • Truss Tower X10

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Advertisement tower made from X10 truss modules. Structure can be flexibly modified and can be made suitable for different spaces.

We use for that composite truss with 10x10 cross section. 15x15 modules are also available for larger structures.

Lightweight - easy to transport and install. Setting up does not require tools.

This truss system is developed for building exhibition stands and constructions for trade fairs. Depending on the design, the construction is completely or partially covered with printed fabric - to add visual attractiveness to the wall. The truss support modules can be left uncovered with fabric. Modules are available in black or white.

Graphic fabrics are printed with water based OEKO-Tex standard inks and are B1 fire-resistant.

Modules are packed in cardboard boxes with lids and armholes. Box dimensions 42 x 42 x 142 cm. Instead of cardboard boxes, plywood boxes with wheels can be ordered.

LED and halogen lights can also be added.

PS! X10 truss is a modular design where one product can be built into another, products can be connected and expanded. The products are showcased separately to better illustrate the possibilities.

Banner material: ,

Construction material: aluminum-plastic composite

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Trade fair stand - X10 tower

SizeDimensions Decotex, fabric does not cover the trussDecotex, truss is covered with fabricBlockout, covered with opaque fabric
1x31 x 3 x 1 m1570 €
In stock
1760 €
In stock
1820 €
In stock
1x41 x 4 x 1 m2195 €
In stock
2399 €
In stock
2479 €
In stock
1,1x51,1 x 5 x 1,1 m2595 €
In stock
2819 €
In stock
2929 €
In stock
1,6x51,6 x 5 x 1,6 m2945 €
In stock
3235 €
In stock
3395 €
In stock

The price includes the truss construction and printed banners

Replacement fabrics for the stand (4 fabrics without fasteners)

Size of construction Construction is visible Truss is covered Truss is covered
with an opaque fabric
1x3 154 € 216 € 276 €
1x4 211 € 288 € 368 €
1,1x5 301 € 396 € 506 €
1,6x5 472 € 576 € 736 €

Replacement fabrics can also be ordered for the stand. If desired, the stand can be used alternately with several different graphics.

Size of the trade fair stand

width (m) height (m) depth (m) package
(boxes) *
1 3 1 1
1 4 1 2
1,1 5 1,1 2
1,6 5 1,6 2
... ... ... ...

* Exhibition stands are packed in cardboard boxes with lids and armholes. Box dimensions 42 x 42 x 142 cm.

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