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Exhibition Wall X10

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  • Exhibition wall X10 truss
  • Exhibition wall / advertising stands
  • Exhibition stand and advertising wall
  • Large exhibition stand
and advertising stand
  • Large exhibition stand
and advertising stand
  • Exhibition construction - exhibition wall
  • Truss advertising stand
  • Truss pop-up wall
  • Truss pop-up wall
  • Exhibition wall X10 truss
  • Exhibition wall
  • Exhibition stand and exhibition counter
  • Truss popup wall
  • Large advertising wall / exhibition stand
  • Large exhibition stand - advertising stand
  • Truss advertising wall
  • Truss pop-up wall
  • Truss pop-up wall
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General information

Easily expandable advertising wall / exhibition stand. Many options, can build large and complex objects.

X 10 truss - 10x10 cm diameter composite modules developed for the production of advertising objects. Due to its modularity, it is infinitely expandable and adaptable. Lightweight - easy to transport and install. Tool-free fastening system.
We also manufacture mobile exhibition stands/walls with wheels. Additional options are curved modules (see convex brass wall X10 for more details), hinges, shelf holders, TV mounts.

The graphics are digitally printed on high-quality textile fabric. The truss fabric is printed with water-free sublimation ink that ise harmless to health and has a B1 fire resistance certificate. The graphics can be printed on either side of the wall.

To add visual attractivness to the wall, the truss support modules can be left uncovered with fabric. The 10x10 cm truss is available either in black or white color.

The wall comes packed in a cardboard box with armholes. It is also possible to buy a transport container or a nylon bag. LED and halogen lights can also be added. No tools are required for installation.

PS! X10 is a modular design where one product can be built into another, products can be connected and expanded. The products are showcased separately to better illustrate the possibilities.

Banner material: DecoTex textile, DecoTex Blockout

Construction material: aluminum-plastic composite

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

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