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One or two-sided ultra-thin (15 mm) and extra bright lightbox. Thanks to a magnetic cover, its very easy to change the graphics.

Due to new technology, the front surfaces of the lightboxes are particularly brightly lit. Compared to a regular lightbox, a 1-sided lightbox is about 50% brighter and 2-sided lightbox up to 2x brighter.

The light temperature of the lightboxes in stock is 6500K (sky white - the best colour separation). Upon request, we produce 5000K (daylight / public room light), 4000K (office light), 3000K (halogen light).

Banner material:

Construction material: aluminium

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

Lightboxes (price does not include poster):

SizeDimensions Single sideTwo-sided
A1594x841 mm215 €
In stock
300 €
In stock
B2500x700 mm185 €
In stock
235 €
In stock
B1700x1000 mm295 €
In stock
395 €
In stock

Different sizes available. Ask for an offer. Biggest lightbox is suitable for a 1,25 x 2,45 banner. We also manufacture lightboxes with coloured frames.

Lightboxes - technical information

Poster size Ad
visible area
w x h x d (mm)
Electricity consumption Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
light box
(594x841 mm)
572 x 815 626 x 869 x 15 37 W 5,1 6,8
(500x700 mm)
478 x 674 532 x 728 x 15 30 W 4,4 5,6
(700x1000 mm)
678 x 974 732 x 1028 x 15 43 W 7,6 10
(2450x1250 mm)
2424 x 1228 2478 x 1282 x 15 107 W

Surface brightness up to 11000 lx. Efficiency up to 160 lm / W. Lifetime 50000+ working hours. IP40. Operating temperature -30 to +40 degrees.
CRI (colour rendering index)> 85 - better than office lighting.
Frame width 30 mm.
Frame depth 15 mm
The largest lightbox is suitable for a 1.25 x 2.45 m poster.

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