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  • Event board with printed tablecloth
  • Event board with printed tablecloth
  • Counter cover


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Counter or table cover with custom design. The cloth is hardly wrinkled and can be quickly smoothed, can be washed and ironed. B1 fire resistance class, OEKO-Tex colors.

The cover is 4-color printed and sewn into a "hood".

In addition, we produce similarly sewn pallet covers and regular tablecloths.

Banner material:

Tablecloth, counter or euro pallet cover with custom design or branding

Size - width x height x depth Dimensions Price
1800 x 740 x 740 mmEvent90 €
1200 x 432 x 800 mmEURO Pallet56 €
400 x 200 x 400 mmRestaurant10 €

Dimensions are width x height x depth

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