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Queue Barrier Museo Silver

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  • Queue belt barrier / stanchion
  • Queue belt barrier with branding
  • Queue barrier pole / stanchion
  • Queue barriers with printed barrier belt
  • Queue barrier poles / stanchions
  • Queue belt barrier / stanchion
  • Queue belt barrier / stanchion
  • Queue barrier poles / stanchions
  • Queue Barrier Museo Silver

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Stable (10kg) chrome queue barrier pole / stanchion. The retractable belt is 2.6 m long and comes in 5 colours. Branding can be printed on the belt.

1.05m high stanchion with a high-quality finish. Superb stability thanks to a heavy 10 kg base plate.

The 2.6 m long nylon barrier belt is located inside a cassette that automatically retracts, thanks to a spring. The barrier belt locks to barrier pole. Each pole has 1 belt cassette and 3 belt connectors.

The belt barrier pole is chrome-plated.

Set includes 1 barrier pole and 1 retractable barrier belt. Wall mounts (made of black plastic) are also available. All Museo barrier poles are compatible with each other.

Construction material: steel, plastic, rubber, nylon

Measurements: 360 x 1050 x 360 mm

Weight: 10 kg

Warranty: Warranty 2 years. Covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

The queue barrier pole is chrome plated. Barrier belt is available in black, red or blue.

ColourColour namePrice Availability
Black110 €In stock
Red (Punsch)110 €In stock
Royal Blue110 €In stock

Set includes queue barrier pole with a 2.6 long retractable barrier belt. Branding can be printed on the barrier belt - 40€ per side. Barrier belt wall mount available for purchase (black plastic 20€ per unit)

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